Sitting in the train back home, I think about that great night last night at the Noorderzon Festival in Groningen. I’m always a bit insecure when I come to a new place, and I have never visited that wonderful festival, all about the arts, literature, dance, music, theater and visual arts. My show was about to take place in a container, and thinking about the Dexter series, in my doubtful mind I expected a tragedy.

But as soon as the sun set, people were buying tickets and entered my little cave which actually became quite cosy with everyone inside. Everyone enjoyed my readings from my book and all the shows were sold out. We even had to send away some people. 

After the shows i walked a while over the festival area, the great park of Groningen, all lit up by a thousands lights, music and the chatter of so many people. That beer in my hand tasted great! I want to thank everyone who came along, the kind and supportive crew and especially Stefan Nieuwenhuis for the invitation.

Visit Noorderzon, it’s worth it!