Dear friends, finally I can share the good news. Good things come to those who wait, but you don't have to wait not much longer. If all goes well, the Dutch version of my book will hit the shelves on 23rd of may, a little more than two weeks, right on time for the Stripdagen in Haarlem where I will present the book at the table of the fine people of my publishing house SubQ. So hit that preorder button of your favourite internetshop, or even better, run to your local book or comicstore and order it there. Of course I would love to meet you in person in Haarlem and sign your book there.
And there's more: along with the book comes in cooperation with Excelsior Recordings a CD with 20 songs and fragments from the book, played by the all-new band "The Smalltown Mods", recorded at the studio of Tim Knol. It's a rough, edgy record that will remind you of the Modpunk bands of the eighties, Sweet memories included. The CD also contains an exclusive song called "Smalltown Mod", written by the legendary Ronald Visser and performed by his band "The Comedown Reunion". The legacy of that band should ring a bell with those who witnessed the modscene in the eighties.
Please help spread the word and tell your friends, your mod, skinhead and soulmates and any other music- or comiclover who chose to walk a different path. I'm sure they will recognize a lot in these pages.