De Kettingzaag - Chainsaw Boogie

Today there's a nice article and  an interview about my book by Jos de Groot on the Dutch musicblog De kettingzaag. Also some extra information and clips about the modscene. Check it out!

Comics and music

In today's article in Het Parool, Peter van Brummelen writes about the latest comics about music and Fietsmod and I also get a very nice mention. Thanks a lot.

Fietsmod on

The Dutch literature review site wrote also about my book:

"Het is niet gemakkelijk in een ‘stom’ medium als de strip de invloed van muziek uit te drukken, maar daar is Dahmen toch in geslaagd."

"It is not easy to express the impression of music in a silent medium as the comics, but Dahmen succeeded regardless."

Read the full review here.

Fietsmod on Blunder TV

Bam! The best comic shop of Utrecht Blunder made a little feature about me and my book for their podcast. Check it out. And if you ever wondered how it sounds like, me talking Dutch: here's how...

Koop Fietsmod hier: Fietsmod, door Tobi Dahmen. "Mods, skinheads en scooterboys, ska en soul, de Britse subculturen en de bijbehorende muziek bereiken in de jaren tachtig ook het Duitse stadje Wesel, waar Tobi opgroeit. Hij wil ook deel uitmaken van deze spannende undergroundwereld.

Goodbye Cornelsen Access, goodbye Morph.

For seven years I work for schoolbook publisher Cornelsen now, mostly for a series of English books. That series is done now and last weekend I was in Berlin to celebrate. As a gift I brought a poster with a few of the many Morph characters I designed for the series. The little fella gets a lot of love from the kids, so it was nice to hear all the stories that are happening in class from the publisher and teachers. Makes me very happy. My work is a lonely job usually, but it‘s good to know that my art has it‘s own life out there.

Fietsmod in the shops.

Oh, it's always so very special, that moment when you spot your book for the first time in a shop.

Go get yourself one, too. In a Dutch book- or comicshop near you.



Erlangen 2018

I still owe you some pictures of the fantastic Comicsalon Erlangen. It definitely was one of the best years we have seen. It's been great and hot the first day, saw a lot of fantastic exhibitions, had diner with my dear publisher Carlsen Verlag and some famous French and German artists. I was spinning records at Klaus Cornfield’s concert, chilling in the park with Michalke’s records, massive crowds, signings And the great finale where I was djaying together with Mathias Wieland and Peter Puck. 

See you all in two years. I hope, again in tents.


Off to Erlangen

Preparing the last bits and pieces for the Comicsalon Erlangen. Digging out records for my dj set for the party on saturday and integrating the animations of the FH Flensburg into the keynote for my live-reading. Make sure not to miss this. There will be also signing sessions at the tables of Carlsen. See you in Erlangen.

All dates:

Friday, 1.6. Live reading 17:00 E-Werk

Signing sessions at Carlsen booth  Messe Halle A, Schloßplatz.

Friday, 1.6. 10:00 - 11:00 Uhr
Saturday, 2.6. 14:00 - 15:00 Uhr
Sunday 3.6. 13:00 - 14:00 Uhr.

Also I will be spinning some records at the closing party at the E-werk on saturday from 22:30.

Mods And Rockers

Before I'm heading off to Erlangen I want to announce or first Dutch Official Releaseparty of Fietsmod. It's taking place on the 6th of July at Db's in Utrecht, the place where this whole Dutch adventure started. I will read from my book in the smoker's lounge at 8 pm, afterwards there will be the great Messer Chups from Russia on stage, and after that there will be a mod nighter taking place to dance away the night. Of course I will sell and sign my books there. Pleas drop by and bring your friends. And get your tickets here.

The great flyer is done by grandmaster Yves Vaillant (Yves of Construction) from Utrecht. With artwork from yours truly. Definitely a keeper.

Stripdagen Haarlem

We presented the Dutch version of my graphic novel to the public at the Stripdagen Haarlem for the first time, and it really went well. Lots of interested visitors, good sales, and I had to sign a lot of books. Big up to René who even took the opportunity to ride his bike from Utrecht to Haarlem, 70km. Thanks to everyone who dropped by and also for the kind words, I’m truly happy that you like the Dutch version as much as I do. Also thanks to my publisher Subq for all the good care. Beside some nice encounters with my dear readers and signing their books I had some time to check out some exhibitions. And take part in celebrtating the membership of honour for Joost Swarte in the BNO, the dutch Design organisation, that I am now also a member of.
Thanks to Tonio and Natasja and the rest of the organization for the immense ammount of work that this festival contains. Next destination is Erlangen. Hope to see you there!


Review in NRC Handelsblad

The first review of "Fietsmod" is here. For the NRC one of the most important books presented at the Stripdagen Haarlem.


Fietsmod! Hij is er!

Hooray! What a joy to find this present on my doorstep. The Dutch version of my graphic novel "Fietsmod" has arrived.  And it looks great! My dear publisher SubQ has done a great job. Thanks guys. Tomorrow is the releaseday. I'm so very excited about how it will be received. Get your copy here!


Lately I put together some work that I did especially for children in a detailed portfolio. You can dowload the PDF here. If you like what you see, write to me or give me a ring.

A Direction For Action

Pictures from the recording session for the cd ‚A Direction for Action‘ by The Smalltown Mods at Tim Knol‘s studio, MI5 at Hoorn. The cd serves as a kind of soundtrack for my book and will be released on 23rd of may in the Netherlands.


Dear friends, finally I can share the good news. Good things come to those who wait, but you don't have to wait not much longer. If all goes well, the Dutch version of my book will hit the shelves on 23rd of may, a little more than two weeks, right on time for the Stripdagen in Haarlem where I will present the book at the table of the fine people of my publishing house SubQ. So hit that preorder button of your favourite internetshop, or even better, run to your local book or comicstore and order it there. Of course I would love to meet you in person in Haarlem and sign your book there.
And there's more: along with the book comes in cooperation with Excelsior Recordings a CD with 20 songs and fragments from the book, played by the all-new band "The Smalltown Mods", recorded at the studio of Tim Knol. It's a rough, edgy record that will remind you of the Modpunk bands of the eighties, Sweet memories included. The CD also contains an exclusive song called "Smalltown Mod", written by the legendary Ronald Visser and performed by his band "The Comedown Reunion". The legacy of that band should ring a bell with those who witnessed the modscene in the eighties.
Please help spread the word and tell your friends, your mod, skinhead and soulmates and any other music- or comiclover who chose to walk a different path. I'm sure they will recognize a lot in these pages.

Die Form der Schönheit

Author Frank Berzbach wrote about my book "Fahrradmod" in his great and also beautiful book "Die Form der Schönheit". I fell very flattered. Thanks, Frank.

All new website.

Did you notice? I have a new website. And you're already on it. You'll find loads of illustrations, full comics, some info about myself plus a detailed archive about all the madness that has happened in the last few years. 

But I also installed a section with all my scene-related artwork, artwork that I did for flyers, posters or just for the fun of it. Be very welcome and let me know what you think. And if you like what you see, feel free to share it with your mates.


Good news for those of you who have kids who love comics. There will be an all new comic mag with comics for kids from great german artists. It‘s called POLLE, and will debut on the comic salon in Erlangen. To help them I did this illustration for their promotional activities, the original was available as a reward for their crowdfunding. Sorry, it's gone already. But you can still back them via, make sure you get yourself a copy of this gem of a mag.