Last wednesday I was live-reading my graphic-novel Fahrradmod in Lemgo. The place was packed, many people andeven some well-known faces from the scene came from far, so I want to thank you all. Big up to Sebastian for the organization, the excellent accommodation and the delicious pizza, as well as for the photos. And even all the books have been sold. I even signed the last ones when nobody was there anymore. Thanks a lot everyone.

Edit: There were also two articles about my reading in the local press. Now included in the photo series.

Fettes Brot

Famous German Hip Hop Combo "Fettes Brot" recommend "Fahrradmod" in their radioshow "Was Wollen Wissen", along with Barabara Yelin's "Irmina". Thanks guys, it's an honour. (download)

Portfolio of 2017

As every year I did a little review about the jobs and things that happened during the year. You can download it here (5MB).

Musikbonus on WDR 5

Taking part in a feature on music and comics in the radio program „Musikbonus“ on WDR 5 with Sebastian von Haugwitz

Buchmesse Frankfurt

At the Buchmesse Frankfurt, signing and taking part in the German/French Ping Pong project.

Modern Graphics

Live reading at comic-shop Modern Graphics, Berlin

Fahrradmod in Hongkong

Two pages from the book traveled to Hongkong, in a presentation of German comics at the local Goethe Institute.

In the backstreets of Utrecht

Photo shooting in Utrecht with Gert Jan Pos.

Signing at Strips & Stories

Book Signing together with Christoph Niemann and Belxbolex at Strips & Stories, Hamburg

Erzählende Bilder

Together with Spanish artist Paco Roca at „Erzählende Bilder“, the Graphic Novel Festival at the Literaturhaus Hamburg, moderated by Andreas Platthaus

Comicfestival München

Signing at the Comicfestival München, between 25th and 28th of may 2017

Fahrradmod in Toronto

Two pages of the book are being exhibited at the comic festival in Toronto this weekend in the exhibition of German comic art, presented by Deutscher Comicverein

End of story

Fahrradmod, the webcomic comes to an end, after six years. 

That’s it, dear friends. This is it, the last page of my story. And what other song could I choose to headline this page than this classic, the last song of so many soul nighters, where everybody jumps onto the dancefloor one last time, and everybody is lying in each others arms afterwards.

At least if Andi decides it’s still not late enough and is warming up for a little Rap performance.

Wow, it really happened. Now also the webcomic has come to it’s end. From it;s very beginnings Fahrradmod (Getting Grand) was connected to the internet and it’s online readers. First via the blog, that I started in 2007 to follow to the process of drawing the whole thing. It’s funny to read those old posts nowadays. And finally the real thing, the webcomic, that I started in 2011. This one ends today. (Well, almost).

So it’s up to me to thank you guys one last time. Fahrradmod was a very important and successful project for me, and has been well-received even beyond the in-crowd of the sixties community. On top of it the feedback was very positive. And this is mostly thanks to you, at the end of the day it was you, who made this whole thing so big. And for this I will be ever so thankful.
It has been a very nice ride with you.
And I will be working my ass off to realize as much foreign translations of my story as possible. Because you told me you want this.
So, I hope to see you soon, somewhere, with beer or gin tonic and the best music there is.

Feinkost Lampe

Live Reading at Feinkost Lampe in Hannover, in cooperation with Comix Hannover.


Facebook page reaches 5.000 followers.

Strip Nieuws

Article in the Dutch comicmagazine 'Strip Nieuws' about my work and the German comicscene.


25-29 january 2017 Visiting the famous Comicfestival of Angouleme for the first time. It was fantastic, the dimensions of this festival really blew me away. So great to see what the European comic community has to offer. And it is remarkable what can be achieved, when cultural and public acceptance is also supported by money from the state. One really feels himself wandering about a true comic paradise.
Here are some pictures I took, to give you an impression:

Graphic Storytelling Festival

Live reading during the Festival of Graphic Storytelling in Kassel in this cozy little temple of art.

Best Scenario

Yay! Fahrradmod won the award for Best Scenario of the Rudolf Dirks Award in Dortmund.