Alles Gute in 2018.

The end of the year is close, and it was a good one, this 2018. There was a lot of work on my table and als the Dutch version of my book was published in Holland. What a ride.

Like every year I put together a little PDF, a little review of the work that was done and the things that happened in the last twelve month. If you like, please have a look.

Enjoy the holidays, enjoy the time with your families and friends, and have a good start into the next year. I’m looking forward to catch up in 2019.


Happy holidays!

Jopo de Pojo

It was a very nice book signing session at the fabulous comicstore Jopo de Pojo in Haarlem. We even ran out of books, luckily I had some extras with me in the trunk of my car. To my surprise even some familiar faces from Düsseldorf dropped by. Thanks a lot for the invitation and the very nice chats.

This was the last promotional date for a while. Thanks everyone for your support.

Cross Comix 2018

Cross Comix Rotterdam was a great festival. Thanks a lot for the invitation! There was a good crowd at my live-reading and it was just so nice to meet up with colleagues again, and watch the various shows. The performance of the Strip Club was great and reminded me of our Trash comic readings in Frankfurt a long time ago. But my highlight was to listen to Joe Sacco. What a great man! I‘m already looking forward to the next Cross Comix festival. Thanks to everyone who came to my show and thanks to Cok Jouvenaar for some of the pictures.

Record Planet Utrecht

Yes, I survived the madness that is the recordfair of Utrecht. I had a blast experiencing it from a different perspective, to have a booth there and sell my goods to the people. When I think about that it was the record fair initially that brought me to Utrecht I have to crack a big smile. Thanks to everyone who came and all the kind words, big up to dj Miss Twist for all the good care and her great sets that entertained us all day, thanks to Cas and Marjolein for the invitation and making it all happen, and also to Jan Vollaard for the very nice interview.

Styleguide - Fietsmod in the Volkskrant.

Bam! A big, a very big article about my book Fietsmod in the Volkskrant, one of the most important papers around here, our Dutch Guardian. I’m very, very happy with this one. Thanks a lot to Rob van Scheers for all the many kind words and Els Zweerink for the picture. You can read the full article here

Fahrradmod 'n Soul in Paderborn

Such a nice evening in Paderborn, thanks a lot to everyone who came and especially to those from far. Chapeau to the Fürth/Nürnberg connection! The reading and spinning some soul tunes with Christian und Roberto was great fun. Thanks for the invitation guys and also to the Wohlsein for the good care.

Mod Sound Sessions at Bar Bakeliet

Merci and dankjewel Antwerpen. That was a good night. Thanks to Francisco and the local Mod Squad and Tim from Bar Bakeliet for the invitation. Also to Iris from De Groene Waterman for helping out with the books. We were sold out, but if you still want a copy, there are some left at the shop. Cheers!

Here are some pictures, from me and also Lodewijk Vergouwen.

Wilrijkse Stripdagen

Back from Antwerpen, back from the Wilrijkse Stripdagen. Had some nice days there, merci Frank and Luc for the invite and the great care. Thank you for your ongoing passion for the comic world. Here are some signatures, sketches and pics from the weekend.

Sometimes I nag that I don’t find enough time for a new book, with all the commissional work and the family life, but here I was seated next to Dirk. A police officer for 35 years, family man, and proud artist of about ten comic books....

Weller and me.

Yes, it really happened. After Paul Weller's acoustic concert in Utrecht I did a live-reading in the foyer of the big hall of Tivoli. You can imagine I was a wee bit nervous. All gratitude to the people of Tivoli for making this happen and of course to Yves Vaillant who made this beauty of a flyer.

(Sorry for the crappy pics of the event, the photographer, my dear wife was probably just as nervous)


A very nice review from Striptip. 4 Stars, thanks a lot en dankjewel.

Back from Rotjeknor

So! Monday morning, but still reminiscing about the weekend. Thanks to everyone who came through wind and rain to our Fietsmod Releaseparty in Rotterdam at Bar 3. Big up to those who came from far, the cup for the longest distance goes to Antwerpen! I did a short version of my reading for about fifty people next to the regular crowd, and afterwards I was very busy signing a lot of books, while the crowd was enjoying the excellent sets of the créme de la créme of the local Sixties scene. Everyone was buzzing. Thanks especially to Rob and Bar 3 for organizing it all, and of course all the other Djs. Really looking forward to my other gigs now.
The next date will be coming saturday when I will read from my book at the very fine record store Concerto in Amsterdam.
But I will also be back in Rotterdam in November for the Cross Comix festival. See you around!

De Strip Vlogger

The one and only Strip Vlogger from Netherland has some nice words to say about my book. Check out his latest Vlog, the part about my book starts at 3:00.

Thanks Marcel.

In The Eppo

Bam! Five stars in the Eppo, Dutch comicmagazine. “There were quite a few autobiographical graphic novels in the last years that I’ve read, but none of them got me as hooked as Fietsmod.” Thanks a lot Eppo, thanks a lot Remco for letting me know.

Releaseparty Db's

Finally some pictures from the first Fietsmod Releaseparty in Utrecht. What a blast it was! Around 70 people were there during the reading, I had to sign a lot of books and the dancefloor was busy until the lights went on. Thanks again to everyone who showed up, took part or danced all night with us. It meant a lot to me to present my book at the very place where the Utrecht story started. What a blessing...


De Kettingzaag - Chainsaw Boogie

Today there's a nice article and  an interview about my book by Jos de Groot on the Dutch musicblog De kettingzaag. Also some extra information and clips about the modscene. Check it out!

Comics and music

In today's article in Het Parool, Peter van Brummelen writes about the latest comics about music and Fietsmod and I also get a very nice mention. Thanks a lot.

Fietsmod on

The Dutch literature review site wrote also about my book:

"Het is niet gemakkelijk in een ‘stom’ medium als de strip de invloed van muziek uit te drukken, maar daar is Dahmen toch in geslaagd."

"It is not easy to express the impression of music in a silent medium as the comics, but Dahmen succeeded regardless."

Read the full review here.

Fietsmod on Blunder TV

Bam! The best comic shop of Utrecht Blunder made a little feature about me and my book for their podcast. Check it out. And if you ever wondered how it sounds like, me talking Dutch: here's how...

Koop Fietsmod hier: Fietsmod, door Tobi Dahmen. "Mods, skinheads en scooterboys, ska en soul, de Britse subculturen en de bijbehorende muziek bereiken in de jaren tachtig ook het Duitse stadje Wesel, waar Tobi opgroeit. Hij wil ook deel uitmaken van deze spannende undergroundwereld.

Goodbye Cornelsen Access, goodbye Morph.

For seven years I work for schoolbook publisher Cornelsen now, mostly for a series of English books. That series is done now and last weekend I was in Berlin to celebrate. As a gift I brought a poster with a few of the many Morph characters I designed for the series. The little fella gets a lot of love from the kids, so it was nice to hear all the stories that are happening in class from the publisher and teachers. Makes me very happy. My work is a lonely job usually, but it‘s good to know that my art has it‘s own life out there.