ABout me

        Photography by Gunter Glücklich, Hamburg, www.guntergluecklich.com, no use without permission

        Photography by Gunter Glücklich, Hamburg, www.guntergluecklich.com, no use without permission



I was born in 1971 in Frankfurt/Main and grew up in Wesel on the Rhine and studied visual communication in Düsseldorf. 

My final year project was an illustrated book about the beat poet Jack Kerouac and the underworld of American jazz clubs in the Fifties. 

After my study I founded in 1999 with friends the award-winning comic-anthology Herrensahne and took part in the art-group "Die Tapezisten".

Ever since I have been working as a comic artist and illustrator for print media, advertising and the internet. Since 2008 I live with my family in Utrecht, Holland.

I’m doing my job for many years now, have worked on heaps of projects and respectively created even more illustrations. From nationwide campaigns up to key visuals for local companies. And still I love my job. :)

I believe illustrations are the most straightforward and simplest form of communication. Just as well finding the right visual language for a certain task is a new challenge each time. Using character design, timing and composition to accomplish exactly what you are wishing for. All the while addressing your target group appropriately and simultaneously let it have some fun.

For a lot of my clients I‘m working for quite some time now; they trust me, because they promptly get what they want and sometimes a wee bit more. Satisfied clients and readers fill me with pride and gratitude, for they offer me the opportunity to keep on doing what I love so much.




  • 'Fahrradmod' was also nominated for the categories 'Autobiographical', 'Best Scenario' and 'Best Artwork' of the Rudolph Dirks Award, it won in the category 'Best Scenario'.
  • 'Fahrradmod' was nominated for the Max & Moritz Award of the Comicsalon Erlangen in the categories "Best German Publication" and "Public's Choice".
  • 2011 Second Rank at the Sondermann Award of Frankfurt Book Fair with ‘Fahrradmod’ for the best webcomic.
  • 2011 Reddot Award in the category ‘corporate design’ for the Museum of the Westküste with Aalhai Design, including my characterdesign ‘Logofriese’
  • ICOM-Award 2007 for the best Shortcomic (realistic) for SPERRBEZIRK, Schwarzer Turm Verlag, now published by Zwerchfell



  • 1997 exhibition 'Poetry & Jazz' in Jamiris 'Haferkamp', Essen
  • 1998 group exhibition ‘Rauschkauf’ - Die Tapezisten reduzieren’ Galerie Arterie, Hamburg
  • 2001 exhibition ‘Earl Grey & Dr. Oetker’ , an illustrated diary at the Ballhaus, Düsseldorf
  • 2001 group exhibition Die Tapezisten ‘Ich bin kein Symbol’,
  • 2001 group exhibition ‘Herrensahne- Eine Retrospektive’ Galerie Revolver, Düsseldorf
  • 2002 group exhibition ‘Herrensahne - Für Eine Handvoll Euro’ at a salesroom, Düsseldorf
  • 2002 group exhibition ‘Herrensahne - Sahnestars on 45’ at a salesroom, Düsseldorf
  • 2003 group exhibition during the night of the museum ‘Herrensahne - In bester Gesellschaft’, Düsseldorf
  • 2003 Herrensahne as guest at the festival for architecture, interior design and design at KOELN e.V., Düsseldorf
  • 2004 group exhibition ‘Herrensahne - Voulez-vous deja-vu avec moi?’ at a salesroom, Düsseldorf
  • 2004 group exhibition ‘Herrensahne - Hier gibt es nichts zu sehen’ Kulturhuef Grevenmacher, Luxembourg
  • 2005 group exhibition ‘Herrensahne - Kreuzbildquader’ at Fumetto-Comicfestival, Luzern
  • 2005 group exhibition ‘Herrensahne - Hier gibt es nichts zu sehen’ at a salesroom Düsseldorf
  • 2006 group exhibition 'Liebes Tagebuch' at agency 'Rendel & Spitz' during 'Passagen' at Cologne
  • 2006 exhibition 'Poetry & Jazz' at Fumetto-Comicfestival, Luzern
  • 2006 group exhibition 'Herrensahne - Kreuzbildquader 2.0', Comic Salon Erlangen
  • 2008 group exhibition ' Herrensahne - Neues Spiel' at 'Palm Beach', Düsseldorf
  • 2014 exhibition 'Fahrradmod' at the Freedom Sounds Festival, Cologne
  • 2015 exhibition "Fahrradmod" during the Comic Salon in Erlangen
  • 2015 exhibition 'Fahrradmod' at the Galerie am Centrum, Wesel



German Press about 'Fahrradmod':

"Ingenious! Grandmas, gift this to your grandchildren. Girls, give it to your daddies, and listen to the soundtrack at the end of the book. " Thees Uhlmann

Stories.Magazin von Thalia - 


"A unique and totally unusual story of a boyhood at the wrong time in the wrong place."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung - 


"Put your stereo on and go for 'Fahrradmod'!"

comicgate.de - 


"A stunning book about the nineties, about friendship, and most of all about the love of music."

Brauser - Dezember


"With this graphic novel you might finally comprehend the scene’s attitude to life."

popmonitor.de - 


"Of fine line and wit."

Hamburger Abendblatt - 


"Brilliant graphic novel"

Rheinische Post - 


"This comic is terrific."

Synthetics: Das Magazin für Musik aus Strom - 


"Outstanding autobiographic graphic novel"





The Dutch-Flemish Press about 'Fietsmod':

"(...) more  dan 450 pages gripping, as well in text as in the drawings."

Het Parool - 


"Fietsmod is a fantastic graphic novel of a quality that in my opinion is hard to find."

Het Stripschap - 


"It is not easy to express the impression of music in a silent medium as comics, but Dahmen succeeded regardless."

Hebban.nl - 


"(...) you will certainly onderstand that this book was done with love, knowledge, ambition and strong dosage of virtuosity."

De Morgen