Hello and welcome to my web-portfolio. Feel free to look around and get yourself a picture of my work.


  • Erstmal - 2014/10/03

    I’m not really what you would call a cartoonist, but now I’m taking part in an exhibition dedicated to the art of … Read more >

  • Fahrradmod Exhibition - 2014/04/28

    Next weekend I will present artwork from my graphic novel ‘Fahrradmod’ at the Freedom Sounds Reggae Festival in Cologne. Quite fitting as … Read more >

  • We will call out your name. - 2014/04/03

    I’m pretty excited about this project, that I will start this April. Together with the Jewish cantor Avitall and the ‘We will … Read more >

  • Paddy and Edeka - 2013/10/31

    What I hear from my friends in Germany is that the new sticker campaign from the Edeka supermarkt chain in collaboration with … Read more >